A Cocoon Of Calm Made For The Big City

By Jenny Peters | Photos Courtesy of Lincoln

Imagine rolling down Fifth Avenue in a cocoon of calm, driving a vehicle that was designed with an interior that keeps the city madness at bay. That’s the experience the new Lincoln Corsair promises—and delivers.

Lincoln is known for its huge SUVs, like the Navigator, but let’s face it, in a place like New York City, only people like chauffeurs need a vehicle that big. But with the introduction of their first small luxury SUV, the company has the right idea for a car that can still hold a crowd (it seats five in its two-row configuration) and suitcases, groceries and other cargo in the back, too. The second row also folds down for even more cargo space or moves back to allow more legroom.

The Corsair is nimble enough (especially in the drive mode called “Excite”) to slip through the worst traffic and to be fun to drive, too. With the buyer’s choice of a 2.0- or 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, both with an 8-speed “SelectShift” automatic transmission and AWD (all-wheel drive), the Corsair is powerful, even in terrible weather. Use the “Slippery” mode, and this SUV grabs the road and keeps you on track.

But the real joy of the Lincoln Corsair is that ultra-quiet interior, crafted by Lincoln’s engineers to baffle engine noise and reduce vibrations. They’ve even phased out the usual binging sounds most cars make (when a door is ajar, or the key is left in the car) and replaced them with six symphonic chimes instead. Believe it or not, they enlisted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to record those sounds—and they work, creating a much more soothing experience.

It’s those little things you don’t even think about that help to create the interior cocoon; then add in the optional Revel premium audio system to program your own music experience. With 14 speakers, this system turns the car into whatever atmosphere makes you happy, from more of that calming symphony orchestra sound to the most raucous rock ‘n roll you can find.

The car is chock full of other modern technologies, too, some standard and some add-ons, including the Lincoln Co-Pilot360, which allows the vehicle to take over in an emergency with features like “Pre-Collision Assist” that automatically brakes when the car senses an impending collision. There’s also the incredibly useful “Blind Spot Information System,” which shows you on your side mirrors when a vehicle is next to you. Additionally, the “Pedestrian Detection” feature is designed to avoid striking people on foot, another handy feature (especially when negotiating crowded city streets).

The more compact size of this SUV helps with handling those city streets, as well as negotiating parallel parking or tight garage spaces. Meanwhile, the leather-lined interior and fully adjustable front seats will heat up on a cold winter’s day or massage your muscles during a long road trip, adding another level of luxury that you might not expect in a vehicle that begins at about $40,000.

As with most SUVs, the gas mileage you can expect isn’t exactly exemplary, with the 2.0-liter engine averaging about 22 city/29 highway (25 combined) miles per gallon and the 2.3 liter coming in at 24 combined. This summer, Lincoln will add the Corsair Grand Touring model to its stable, giving drivers a plug-in hybrid option that will do much better on mileage.

Overall, the Lincoln Corsair offers an easy-to-drive option for city dwellers who want to be swept away into a quiet space while taking on the mean streets. It’s an excellent car for a ride in the country, too; just open the windows to let nature’s sounds into your smooth ride.

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