Products That Will Change Your Life

By Will Reed

With high-tech products debuting nearly every month, we thought what better way to start off the decade than giving readers a must-have list. Everything from Smart Homes to food, it’s all here.

GLORIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE FOOD Perhaps one of the most significant developments to aid global warming could be the development of plant-based meat, which mimics the look and taste of the real thing without the negative impact. The recent introduction of the Impossible Burger has spawned Impossible Pork. Expect to get to see Impossible Seafood in the future! Info:

There is nothing wrong with television, which is arguably enjoying a renaissance as an art form with movie quality scripts and space to develop stories beyond the traditional Hollywood format. In recent years streaming has gathered pace with services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. More recently, apps such as AppleTV, Disney+, and networks such as NBC’s Peacock are all getting in on the action to take advantage of ‘cord-cutters’ as those who eschew cable TV are known.

The downside of this revolution moving from one streaming service to another—and remember your passwords. To the rescue comes Dabby, a box that enables you to integrate your streaming subscriptions in one place and in one location manage subscriptions. Info:

In the past few years, intense interest has gone into developing health monitoring systems and software so that you can take control of your health through measuring metrics quickly at home. It will soon seem so old-fashioned to create one data point per year at an annual physical for you and your doctor to determine your wellness. One of the pioneers in this field, Withings will be introducing their new ScanWatch, which launches this year. Readings include an electrocardiogram (ECG), photoplethysmography for optical heart rate, SpO2 for blood oxygen, and more in-depth sleep analysis that can detect sleep apnea. Info:

Google, Apple, Samsung, Bosch, and Amazon are working to create technological ecosystems inside your home to lock you into their products. From refrigerators with integrated screens to washing machines with artificial intelligence, the fight is on for your home’s soul. Once you commit, you will find it hard to turn back.

Among this year’s exciting new home products, the GE Kitchen Hub Microwave has a TV screen which enables you to access cooking videos, or simply keep up with The Walking Dead while your pizza is being microwaved. Info:

Makeup can be seen as having avoided becoming driven by technology. Perhaps though this is not going to be the case going forward. Here are three innovations to enjoy.

The Prinker S temporary tattoo machine can print a tattoo that lasts for up to 3 days like an inkjet printer. Ideal for those rash ideas which can have an element of being too reckless to be permanent. Info:

Take foundation to the extreme with Proctor & Gambles Opte, a handheld printer that identifies and puts the right amount of pigmentation to cover up any blemishes or dark spots. The integrated camera works with a safe blue LED light to find even the most subtle age spots. A patented precision skincare algorithm analyzes the spots in real-time. Optimizing Serum is applied precisely to each spot, camouflaging it instantly and fading its appearance over time. Think of it as real-life photoshop. Info:

Personalize makeup products with L’Oreal’s Perso system, which enables you to create colors—just for you. It’s so clever that it will identify your skin type and suggest products based on your local climate—because, of course, you’re worth it! Info:

The Charmin Roll Bot can bring you a toilet roll in the event of a personal emergency. What more can one say? Info: